Video: Miami (OH) Unveils New Adidas TECHFIT Jerseys/Helmets For 2013

Adidas swings and misses a lot on uniforms – see last year’s college basketball postseason for example. But what Miami (OH) just unveiled via the video below has to be one of (if not the) most attractive uniform(s) we’ve seen ahead of the 2013 season. Roll the tape. (Fast forward to 2:10.)

First off, the helmets are awesome. The mixture of red/silver on the facemask, the feather design, MIAMI written in bold across the back, the “M” on the front – all of it.


And while the jerseys themselves are pretty standard, the sleeves read “love” and “honor” – pretty cool.


The school stepped up its glove game as well, opting for a solid block “M”.


Here are a few more pictures, courtesy of Miami (OH) Athletics.

Well, RedHawks fans – what do you think?


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