Video: A Ref Stopped Play During Marshall-MTSU Last Night To Reprimand The Band

Last night, an incredible football game took place between the Marshall Thundering Herd and the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders. MTSU actually edged out Marshall by throwing a touchdown pass on the final play of regulation to finish off a wild 51-49 win.

But the best part of the game — okay maybe not the best, but another pretty amusing part — came early in the second quarter when a referee had to stop the game to yell at the Middle Tennessee band. While Marshall was lined up for a big 3rd down play, the Blue Raider Band was blaring music from the stands to create noise and amp up the crowd. The ref properly deemed it unfair (the band must stop during actual gameplay) and told them to cut it out:

Also great in that clip is the announcer passing on the great “Know Your Role” advice, straight from The Rock.



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