Photo: A Fan’s Excellent College GameDay Sign Yesterday Has Earned Him Over $24,000

Yesterday, we showed you the best signs at College GameDay for the Iron Bowl. There were some pretty clever signs as usual, and some great trash talk, but it appears that we actually missed the single coolest one of them all — one that made one young man quite a bit of money.

The fan simply wanted his mother to send him some extra spending cash for college, and made a clever sign that featured the logo for Bitcoin and a QR code next to it:

Per Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider, this code could actually be used to send the kid money — it was no joke:

A QR code is a visual representation of any kind of information (frequently a URL for a website). In this case, the code represented a Bitcoin wallet. On Reddit, Bitcoin fans managed to enhance the QR code from the screen in order to identify his wallet, so that people could donate money to him. 

The Bitcoin community on Reddit was feeling exceptionally generous, and 100 donations were made to the young man after his wallet was identified, which ended up totaling over $24,000. I think that will probably cover a few kegs, and is certainly a nice return for a few hours likely spent (at most) making the poster. Seriously, Christmas came early for this kid, particularly if he was an Auburn fan, too.

[Cryptojunky via Business Insider]


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