Jimbo Fisher On SOS: “In The ACC, We Have 11 Bowl-Eligible Teams. We Take A Backseat To Nobody”

There has been a lot of debate this past week over strength of schedule in college football. It’s easy to see why: plain and simple, SEC schools are upset that their conference has a good chance of not getting a representative in the BCS National Championship Game despite being commonly perceived as the nation’s toughest league. Even though there are two remaining undefeated teams from power conferences, SEC supporters think that winning the strongest conference should guarantee a shot at the national title.

Of course, the current BCS standings beg to differ, and considering one-loss teams over undefeated ones would open quite a can of worms – having two undefeateds go at it in January would save a ton of debate.

However, there are no guarantees that an SEC champion couldn’t pass Ohio State or FSU with a big win this weekend. Just in case something crazy happens, Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher did a little politicking of his own today:

There you have it, straight from unbiased Jimbo Fisher — the ACC is the best conference in America. Seriously though, the ACC does have a number of decent football teams in 2013. While many would argue that it lacks a number of elite squads at the moment, there are certainly a few teams that can show up to play.

Anyway, if Florida State beats Duke this weekend, I don’t think the Seminoles have much to worry about — of the current top two, Ohio State definitely needs to win in a more convincing fashion.


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