How Many People Still Have A Perfect NCAA Tournament Bracket? None

Update 3: The dream is over. Binder did not pick Dayton to upset Syracuse. It was fun while it lasted.

Update 2: Louisville and Michigan also won today, meaning Brad is now a ridiculous 35/35. We’ll see if he can keep it going through the night.

Update: Brad is now 33/33 after Florida’s victory. As we mention below, he can’t win one billion dollars, but this is still great theatre. In case you’re wondering, he has Louisvile, Michigan, San Diego State, Syracuse, Oregon, Michigan State and UConn today. Will he survive?



Earlier: After two of the craziest days in NCAA tournament history, fans across America have been using one common term for their brackets – “busted”. ESPN has announced that of its 11 million entries, zero remain perfect. Bleacher Report did the same. Heck, even Warren Buffet’s ‘Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge’ has nobody left in contention. But get this – there is one person who picked every game right in the first round.

His name is Brad Binder, and his “breathtaking bracket” sits with 32 correct picks out of 32 games. But sadly, while he filled out his bracket on Yahoo, he did not enter to win one billion dollars.

Of course, he’d still need to get the next 31 picks right to really regret his decision, so we doubt it’s going to matter. Here it is, in all of its glory.

Breathtaking indeed.

Breathtaking indeed.

So unless you’re friends with Brad, when someone tells you that they still have a perfect bracket, they just aren’t telling the truth. Can’t the rest of us just start over?


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