The 50 Hottest People In Sports: 2013 Edition

Sure, we all watch our favorite sports stars first and foremost because we admire their athletic abilities, but it’s also hard to argue against the idea that they’re tough to look at. Most athletes are in great shape, after all. And it’s not just the athletes who sports fans lust after – it’s the men and women who cover them on television as well.

We’ve put together a list of the 50 hottest people in sports – athletes, anchors, reporters – anyone you might see on your television screen while watching sporting events. Without further ado:

The 25 Hottest Women In Sports:

Skylar Diggins

25. Skylar Diggins

Allie LaForce

24. Allie LaForce

Cassidy Hubbarth

23. Cassidy Hubbarth

Ines Sainz

22. Ines Sainz

Michelle Waterson

21. Michelle Waterson

Kacie McDonnell

20. Kacie McDonnell

Sage Erickson

19. Sage Erickson

Lauren Thompson

18. Lauren Thompson

Ana Invanovic

17. Ana Ivanovic

Kaylee Hartung

16. Kaylee Hartung

Danica Patrick

15. Danica Patrick

Blair O'Neal

14. Blair O’Neal

Erin Andrews

13. Erin Andrews

Charissa Thompson

12. Charissa Thompson

Meghan Hardin

11. Meghan Hardin

Molly McGrath

10. Molly McGrath

Alana Blanchard

9. Alana Blanchard

Jenny Dell

8. Jenny Dell

Alex Morgan

7. Alex Morgan

Holly Sonders

6. Holly Sonders

Alex Curry

5. Alex Curry

Sydney Leroux

4. Sydney Leroux

Katie Nolan

3. Katie Nolan

Samantha Ponder

2. Samantha Ponder

Tiffany Suarez

1. Tiffany Suarez

The Hottest 25 Men In Sports:

Kliff Kingsbury

25. Kliff Kingsbury

Christian Ponder

24. Christian Ponder

Victor Cruz

23. Victor Cruz

Jay Cutler

22. Jay Cutler

Matt Kemp

21. Matt Kemp

Robinson Cano

20. Robinson Cano

Aaron Murray

19. Aaron Murray

Rafael Nadal

18. Rafael Nadal

Russell Wilson

17. Russell Wilson

Iker Casillas

16. Iker Casillas

Tony Romo

15. Tony Romo

Kelly Slater

14. Kelly Slater

AJ McCarron

13. AJ McCarron

Cristiano Ronaldo

12. Cristiano Ronaldo

Dwyane Wade

11. Dwyane Wade

Reggie Bush

10. Reggie Bush

Mark Sanchez

9. Mark Sanchez

Adam Scott

8. Adam Scott

David Pollack

7. David Pollack

Calvin Johnson

6. Calvin Johnson

Andy Murray

5. Andy Murray

Tom Brady

4. Tom Brady

Chris Paul

3. Chris Paul

Tim Tebow

2. Tim Tebow

Cam Newton

1. Cam Newton


The College Spun Staff.