The 25 Most Successful College Football Programs Of The BCS Era

17. Tennessee – 147 points

tennThe Tennessee Volunteers started off the BCS era with a bang — taking home the hardware from the National Championship after defeating Florida State in 1998. But since, the Volunteers are just 3-7 in bowl games with their only victories coming in 2002, 2005 and 2008. UT closed the era with back-to-back-to-back losing seasons – not exactly what Volunteer fans were hoping for after such a hot start.

16. Nebraska – 157 points

nebraskaThe Cornhuskers played in 14 bowl games over the 16-year BCS span, winning seven of them. The latest victory came against the Georgia Bulldogs in this year’s Gator Bowl, but the game the Huskers really want back is the 2001 Rose Bowl loss to Miami (FL) that doubled as the BCS title matchup. While the team has reached three consecutive January bowl games, fans haven’t always been on coach Bo Pelini’s side.

15. Michigan – 164 points

michiganMichigan, just like Nebraska, had 14 bowl appearances in the 16 year span, winning six of the contests. While the era wasn’t as successful as many Wolverines fans would have liked, they did put together six double-digit win seasons and five BCS bowl appearances. Still, UM never played for a national title, which can’t sit well with the school’s supporters.

14. Miami – 165 points

miamiIt’s hard to believe that with all of the firepower Miami (FL) had in the early 2000s, the program would wind up so far down this list. The Hurricanes started out the BCS era with four straight bowl wins, one of which was for a national title, but lost the Fiesta Bowl (also a BCS championship game) in 2003 to Ohio State. The team had 13 total bowl appearances throughout the 16-year BCS span, winning seven of them. What won’t sit well with Hurricane fans is how Miami finished the BCS era – four straight losses in bowl games. 

13. Oregon – 167.5 points

oregonThe Oregon Ducks reached the postseason in every year except one (2004) during the era, while tallying nine (six in a row) double-digit win seasons. The most notable bowl was easily the 2010 BCS National Championship Game against Auburn, which the Ducks lost, 22-19, but the program also appeared in four other BCS bowl games. Since the BCS title loss, Oregon has won its last three bowl games.

12. Auburn – 169.5 points

auburnThe Auburn Tigers have one of the most impressive resumes of the BCS era, despite actually missing out on the postseason four times. The Tigers played for two BCS titles, winning the championship in 2010-2011 against Oregon and losing it in 2013-2014 against Florida State. They also finished 13-0 with a Sugar Bowl victory in 2004, but were not recognized as champions by the BCS system.

11. Wisconsin – 169.5 points

wisconsinWisconsin won the first two Rose Bowl games of the BCS era, but also lost three of the last four. The team had 15 total bowl appearances, winning seven of them. The Badgers could never seem to propel themselves into national championship consideration despite seven double-digit victory seasons and five BCS bowl appearances.

The 25 Most Successful Teams of the BCS Era: 10-1

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