The 25 Most Successful College Football Programs Of The BCS Era

Who's No. 1?

Who’s No. 1?

The BCS Era has officially come and gone, college football fans. Can I get hallelujah? What was once the most controversial and talked about computer system in the country is now nothing more than a memory. Humans are relevant in college football once more.

From 1998-2013, the BCS standings determined the two teams that would play in the BCS National Championship Game. Over those 16 years, we witnessed numerous programs rise and fall. The below list was compiled to celebrate the 25 most successful teams of the era.

The ranking system we used weights both regular season and postseason success. The point breakdown is as follows:

Point Breakdown:

BCS National Championship Win: 20 Points
BCS National Championship Loss: 15 Points
BCS Bowl Win: 10 Points
BCS Bowl Loss: 8 Points
BCS Bowls: Orange, Fiesta, Rose, Sugar

Second Tier Bowl Win: 8 Points
Second Tier Bowl Loss: 6 Points
Second Tier Bowls: Capital One (Citrus), Cotton, Chick-fil-A (Peach), Outback

Third Tier Bowl Win: 6 Points
Third Tier Bowl Loss: 4 Points
Third Tier Bowls: Alamo, Sun, Buffalo Wild Wings (Insight), Gator, Russell Athletic (Champs Sports), Holiday

Fourth Tier Bowl Win: 4 Points
Fourth Tier Bowl Loss: 2 Points
Fourth Tier Bowl: The Rest

Each Regular Season Win: 1/2 Point

For the sake of this list, vacated wins/losses have been ignored. If the game was played on the field, it counts in our rankings.

The 25 Most Successful Teams of the BCS Era


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