The 20 Most Important Regular Season College Football Games In 2014

Will Auburn have another solid year?

Will Auburn have another solid year?

It’s official – we are less than three months away from the start of the 2014-2015 college football campaign, which will be the first to end its season with the four-team College Football Playoff instead of the Bowl Championship Series. As we continue to preview the year ahead, we thought we’d take a look at the regular season schedule and pick out a few games that might matter more than others when all the dust has settled. 

In fact, we picked out the 20 most important regular season games that will help decide which four teams will be playing for it all next January. Of course, we can’t predict who will reach the conference championship games in the Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC and SEC. And we also can’t foresee the future to know which programs will be the biggest surprises (like 2013 Auburn) this fall. But with all of the information we currently have, these are the games that we think everyone will be watching intently. 

We’ve ranked the matchups from 20-1. You’ll have a hard time disagreeing with the top contest on our list.

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