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Here’s A Parity Chart For All 351 D-1 College Basketball Teams In 2013-2014

Ahead of this past year’s NCAA Tournament, analysts across the country noted how much parity there was during the 2013-2014 college basketball season. Just a few weeks later, as approximately…

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2014 NBA Mock Draft: First Round

The NBA regular season came to a close yesterday, and for many teams, the NBA Draft is the next big event on the calendar. While we don’t know the draft…


The 5 Most Heartwarming Moments Of The 2013-2014 College Basketball Season

The 2013-14 college basketball season is in the books and it brought us many unforgettable moments on the court. But there were also several special moments that occurred outside the…

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The 10 College Football Programs With The Brightest Futures

We all know the college football programs that are perennial favorites to win a title. Alabama, Oregon, Stanford, Ohio State and the like will be on that list more often…


With Last Night’s Championship, Shabazz Napier Is The Most Important Player In UConn History

Last night, UConn won its fourth national championship in 15 years, in a manner that caused déjà vu for anyone that followed the miracle 2011 run. The Huskies rode a…


Is UConn’s Shabazz Napier A Top NBA Prospect? Why Not?

During tonight’s national championship game between Kentucky and UConn, you’ll hear a great deal about how the Wildcats start five freshmen and play two more, along with how all seven…


2014 NFL Mock Draft: First Round, Picks 1-32

With the 2014 NFL Draft set to kick off in just over a month, we thought we’d run through the 32 players who we believe will hear their names called…


The 7 Reasons Why College Basketball Fans Hate John Calipari

When it comes to sports, we all know that haters are gonna’ hate. But, there is one man that seems to be hated by nearly everyone; sans Kentucky fans. That man…

Could this happen again on Monday night?

Final Four 2014: 3 Bold Predictions For Florida vs. UConn, Wisconsin vs. Kentucky

The Final Four is set – Florida, UConn, Wisconsin and Kentucky will battle for the right to be named National Champion. While this year’s NCAA Tournament has been especially difficult…

This crazy tattoo looks more prescient every day.

Which Conference Has The Most Final Four Appearances Since 2000?

The Final Four is the biggest stage in college basketball and 2014′s edition is just a few days away. Making it to this stage is a matter of pride not…

Remember this guy?

StubHub Data Shows Over 50% Of Midwest Region Tickets Bought In Kentucky

This year’s Sweet 16 field features some incredibly intriguing match-ups and storylines, so it’s no surprise that fans have been flocking to secondary market sites like StubHub to land tickets….


5 Reasons Why Kentucky vs. Louisville Is The Best Rivalry In College Basketball

They say familiarity breeds contempt. Kentucky and Louisville are far past the point of familiarity. To put it simply, these two schools hate each other. And I mean hate each other….

Born in Louisville? Louisville fan.

There Are No More Perfect Brackets Left, Warren Buffet Keeps His Money

You knew this was coming, you just didn’t think it’d be this soon. It took less than just two days of games for all of America to be eliminated from…

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Who To Pick In This Year’s March Madness? It’s Not Just About Defense

The brackets are out. You’ve signed up for all of the pools with your friends. The only thing left? Make your picks. Regardless of whether you’re trying to win one…

Not enough O...

2014 Big East Tournament Bracket, Schedule, Analysis

The 2014 Big East men’s basketball tournament is set to begin this upcoming Wednesday, March 12th and conclude on Saturday, March 15th. It will take place at Madison Square Garden…


2014 Pac-12 Tournament Bracket, Schedule, Analysis

The 2014 Pac-12 men’s basketball tournament is set to begin this upcoming Wednesday, March 12th and conclude on Saturday, March 15th. It will take place at the MGM Grand Garden…


2014 SEC Tournament Bracket, Schedule, Analysis

The 2014 SEC men’s basketball tournament is set to begin this upcoming Wednesday, March 12th and conclude on Sunday, March 16th. It will take place at the Georgia Dome in…

Ashley will surely be pumped Saturday night.

Data: Big East Tournament Ticket Demand Plummets From 2013 To 2014

Conference realignment has brought some amazing new rivalries to both college football and college basketball, but it’s also killed off a number of longstanding traditions in the sports as well….

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Graphic: Here Are The Google Autocompletes For Every Big 12 Football Coach

Earlier this week, we went through a fun exercise to determine what the first Google autocomplete – aka the most searched-for topic – was for each SEC football coach. This…

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Graphic: Here Are The Google Autocompletes For Every 2013-2014 SEC Football Coach

Ever wondered what the most Googled term for your favorite college football coach was? Wonder no more, at least, if your favorite team resides in the SEC. We’ve put together…

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College Spun Media Inc. Is Looking For An Editor-in-Chief

In August of 2012, we launched College Spun with a little cash, but a great deal of determination. Just a year-and-a-half later, it has grown into a well-known sports site that…


Plain And Simple, Jim Boeheim Did Wrong By His Players Saturday Night

Whether or not you agree that the charging call on Syracuse forward C.J. Fair at the end last night’s SU vs. Duke game, was, in fact, fair, there was one…

Jim Boeheim

Which 30 College Football Programs Produced The Most NFL Talent In The BCS Era?

We’ve already shown you which college football programs were the most successful on the field in the BCS era. Now, we’re going to show you which college football programs were…


25 Reasons Why The NBA Was Better In The 1990s

The NBA is one of the nation’s most popular sports and has a loyal following. But undoubtedly, the golden era of the sport – the 1990s – has come and…

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