Video: Bo Ryan Pranks Wisconsin Basketball Team Before Giving Them Their Final Four Rings

A few days ago, Wisconsin basketball unveiled its awesome 2014 Final Four rings. Today, the school released the video of the team getting their rings. There are plenty of great things in this video — like star big man Frank Kaminsky’s reaction to hearing that they’re getting rings, to the look on players’ faces when they see the rings for the first time — but the best part is Bo Ryan leading his players on by saying he didn’t believe they deserved a reward for last season before telling them about the rings.

Ryan did a great job selling his “disappointment” before breaking the news to his team, and everyone got a laugh out of it. However, there was probably some motivation in there, as Wisconsin is an early favorite to win the 2015 NCAA Tournament. Still, this had to have been a cool moment for everyone involved with Wisconsin basketball.


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