Video: Penn State’s Bill O’Brien Struggles Mightily Trying To Dunk On 8-Foot Hoop

Last night, Penn State head football coach Bill O’Brien took a visit to Nittanyville, where students have been camping out for days ahead of the big game versus Michigan State. O’Brien was accompanied by several players, and they came to thank the students for their support by bringing them pizza, taking pictures, and just joining in on some of the photo.

Mark Brennan of fightonstate.com captured the visit to Nittanyville on video, and thankfully, he got the best part on tape. O’Brien decided to have a little fun when he saw an 8-foot basketball hoop, and tried to do a couple of dunks. Sadly, Bill O’Brien doesn’t have any hops:

Seriously Coach, you’ve got to work on those ups. But your willingness to take selfies with students is quite admirable.


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