Penn State Offensive Line Coach Herb Hand To Appear On Food Network’s “Chopped” Tonight

If you’re not doing anything tonight around 10 p.m., you should throw on the Food Network and check out Penn State offensive line coach Herb Hand compete on the show “Chopped.” Hand is a noted foodie with an interest in cooking, and has even expressed his desire to appear on “Chopped” before. A few weeks ago, Hand announced on Twitter that it was finally happening. 

The episode was filmed while Hand was still at Vanderbilt, so don’t be surprised when you see that Hand is wearing black and gold as opposed to blue and white. 

If you’ve never seen “Chopped” before, it is a cooking show where four contestants compete against each other to make three meals — an appetizer, an entree and a dessert — that must include four mystery ingredients. After each course, the plates are tasted by a panel of judges, and one person is eliminated at the end of every round. The winner receives $10,000.


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