Video: The Izzone Chanted “Just Like Football” After Beating Ohio State, Mocked B1G Title Loss

Michigan State’s famous Izzone brought its A-game tonight when the Ohio State Buckeyes were in town. The sellout crowd was incredibly intimidating, drowning OSU in “Yes” chants, among others, throughout the game to honor a Travis Jackson touchdown celebration from football season. That crowd noise was a big reason why the Spartans were able to escape with a 72-68 win in overtime, and of course, the students weren’t going to let the Buckeyes leave before they got a chance to gloat — the classic “just like football” chant broke out once the game was sealed, in reference to the Spartans’ 34-24 win over Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship Game:

I’m sure that one stings quite a bit for Ohio State fans — the Spartans have to go to Columbus on March 9th, and OSU will surely be looking for some revenge.


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