Video: Crazy Michigan Fan Had Block-M Tattooed On His Head In 1997 To Win Tickets To “The Game”, Lost Contest

While we all love college football, sometimes a fan comes around who makes us realize that our adoration of the sport is just not on the same level as his. Michigan fan Larry Pietrangelo, or M-Head/M-Brain, as he is called by friends, is one of those fans. The diehard Michigan fan had his head tattooed with a Michigan block-M for a contest to win tickets for the 1997 Michigan-Ohio State game…a contest he lost. However, he still has the tattoo, and very few regrets.

In the video, Pietrangelo says that his mother, who was tired of him watching Michigan games on her couch every week, told him to get the tattoo. He also discusses going to the 1983 Rose Bowl while in the Navy, how his tattoo has impacted his relationships and jobs, and his insatiable hate of Ohio State.

[Detroit Free-Press]


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