The 15 Most Intimidating College Football Stadiums In The Country

When you think of college football, what comes to mind?

The uniforms? The rivalries? The legendary coaches? The memorable players? 

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There are a lot of aspects of the sport that make it great, but the one that stands out—in our opinion—is the stadiums. A major part of what makes college football so lovable is the pageantry, and the iconic venues play a big role in creating that pageantry.

What college football venues are most intimidating?

To answer that question, we must first decide, what makes a college football stadium intimidating?

Is it the size? The noise level? The talent of the team that plays in that stadium? The winning percentage a program has playing at home?

The answer: all of that.

Taking everything into account, we’re ranking the most intimidating places to play in college football.

Presenting College Spun’s list of The 15 Most Intimidating College Football Stadiums In The Country. 

Start with No. 15, Texas >>>


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Andrew Holleran is an editor at College Spun.