Photos: Ohio State Fan Has Tattoos Of Urban Meyer, Jim Tressel, Woody Hayes, And A Buckeyes Skull Eating A Michigan “M”

Simply put, there are different levels of fandom when it comes to college football. Some are content to just root for their program by watching them on television. Others buy tickets, put on team gear and support them at the stadium. But a few, as you’ll see below, are willing to turn themselves into walking billboards for their school.

An Ohio State fan named Terry Hoellrich has an absolutely incredible set of Buckeye-related tattoos on his body. He has, among others, tributes to coaches Urban Meyer, Jim Tressel and Woody Hayes. Add in graphics of Brutus Buckeye breathing fire and an Ohio State skull eating a Michigan “M” and you’ve probably got the most-tatted-up Buckeye supporter on the planet.


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