Photo: Ohio State’s Block “O” Sends Out Letter Addressing Offensive Chant, Some Students Aren’t Happy

On Monday, we wrote about a petition that was started by a number of students at Ohio State. The petition called for the removal of a traditional kickoff chant that has picked up steam in recent years. The chant went like this:

“O-H-I-O! Rip his f#*!ing head off!”

This chant can be heard both inside the stadium and on TV. As mentioned before, not all students participate in this chant. With word spreading about the petition, Block “O” has responded with an open letter that has been posted on the group’s Facebook Page as well as sent through e-mail to its members. 

Facebook/ Block "O"

Facebook/ Block “O”

The letter is a step in the right direction of ending the chant altogether — both Block “O” and the Ohio State Sportsmanship Council acknowledge that they don’t support the profanity.

However, calling for change is one thing, but it appears that enforcement is going to be another challenge: 

Photo via Facebook/ Block "O"

Photo via Facebook/ Block “O”

Will this chant be going away in the immediate future? Most likely not. One thing that is clear is that there is a very divided opinion on the chant itself.

Regardless, the official statement sent out by Block “O” and the Ohio State Sportsmanship Council is a powerful one. Only time will tell if all of the students will do the right thing and end the profane tradition, but it’s refreshing to see student leadership sending the right message.


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