Photo: Ohio State Has The BCS National Championship Game, Which No Longer Exists, On Its Locker Room Schedule

It’s nothing new to see a college football program adding a desired postseason game or two to the upcoming schedule that coaches post around the facilities. But if you’re going to go that route, at least make sure the game still exists.

Judging by a photo taken Sunday by Sports Illustrated’s Stewart Mandel, Ohio State appears to have added a number of contests to its 2014 slate. The Big Ten Championship Game? Fine. The Rose Bowl or the Sugar Bowl – the two national semifinal games? One of those works too. The BCS National Championship Game? Nope, that no longer exists. 

If you’re wondering, the title game will now be known as the College Football Championship Game. It’s a bit strange that whoever made this schedule realized that there would be two new semifinal games, but forgot about the new name for the championship. The blunder probably isn’t quite as bad as what we saw from Michigan State last week, but it’s still a head-scratcher.


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