Ohio State Fans Are Going After AJ McCarron For Rooting For Auburn, Claiming The Iron Bowl Isn’t A Rivalry

When it comes to the argument for the biggest and best college football rivalry, there are really only two candidates – Ohio State vs. Michigan, dubbed “The Game’, and Alabama vs. Auburn, dubbed “The Iron Bowl”. There are a number of other important yearly matchups, like USC vs. Notre Dame, Texas vs. Oklahoma, South Carolina vs. Clemson and Florida vs. Florida State, but most would argue that they’re all second tier compared to the other two.

Well, Buckeyes fans are starting to think that their rivalry with the Wolverines is on its own level. After seeing Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron take to Twitter to openly root for Auburn during the BCS National Championship Game, they’ve been letting him know how they feel. Check this out:

Whether or not you agree with McCarron’s decision to take his rooting interests public, one thing is for sure. Alabama and Auburn’s fan bases are not fond of each other, regardless of how their players feel.


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