Ohio State Center Amir Williams Is Gross, Don’t Sit Behind Him In Class, Buckeye Students

Amir Williams, at 6-foot-11, 250 pounds, is a very large human being, so big that he likely blocks the view of everyone who is behind him. If you’re sitting at the rear of the Ohio State men’s basketball team’s starting center, you probably won’t be able to see the professor or what’s on the board. 

So, Buckeye students, don’t sit behind Williams in class. 

Today, Williams provided his classmates with another reason not to sit behind him on Ohio State’s first day of classes. 

That’s just cruel and gross, Amir. He says otherwise, though. 

Williams could probably make a strategy on the court from his eating habits. Eating Chipotle and White Castle the night before a game could likely allow the big man to clear the lane fairly well. 


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Andrew Holleran is an editor at College Spun.