Mark May Trolls Ohio State Again, Buckeyes Fans Let Him Have It On Twitter

Mark May, ESPN college football analyst and professional Ohio State troll, is back at it again hating on the Buckeyes. Today, May let his Twitter followers know why he didn’t put OSU in his preseason top 10.

He posted the below on Facebook, which auto-feeds into his Twitter account. (It’s surprising that he actually figured out how to do that.)

Here we have two completely different statements, one of which is moronic, the other of which could be true. To say that Ohio State “should’ve lost 4 games” last season doesn’t make any sense, because it didn’t. His point about the Buckeyes playing in the SEC and losing four games is fine, though with May’s history, it’s not surprising to see his stance.

Ohio State fans aren’t taking kindly to May’s latest attack. To say they’ve gone after him on Twitter would be putting it lightly…

Moving along…


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