GIF: Illinois’ Nnanna Egwu Failed Repeatedly Trying To Dislodge A Ball Stuck On Top Of The Backboard

Neither Ohio State nor Illinois have been world-beating to kick off Big Ten conference play, and last night when the two teams met, we were bound to be in for a bit of a derpfest. We weren’t disappointed — midway through the second half, the teams managed to get the ball stuck on top of the backboard, just beneath the shot clock. As if that wasn’t enough, Illinois big man Nnanna Egwu struggled to pop it loose — he basically hopped up and down trying to jab at it with a floor mop. Rough:

He did eventually get the ball out so the two teams could finish. Ohio State came away with the victory, 62-55.

[GIFULMINATION via LostLettermen]


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