LeSean McCoy Jokes About Terrelle Pryor: “I Tried To Recruit Him To Pitt, But We Couldn’t Afford Him”

This weekend, the Philadelphia Eagles travel to Oakland to take on the Raiders. Besides pitting two of the most ferocious fan bases in sports against each other, the game will also feature two famous Pennsylvania high school stars. Both LeSean McCoy and Terrelle Pryor are PA kids (their high schools are a little less than three hours apart), and today McCoy was asked if the two ever knew each other from way back. His response was gold:

Of course, Pryor was at Ohio State during the infamous tattoo scandal — he himself said he “was kicked out of school” because of it. McCoy was just giving Pryor a hard time about OSU’s recent reputation and reiterated that it was a joke.

Later, the media told Pryor of McCoy’s comment, but he just brushed it off:

It looks like Pryor is still having a hard time escaping that Ohio State past.


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