Bret Bielema: Big Ten Team With Helmet Stickers “Just Makes My Skin Crawl”

Bret Bielema has yet to win an SEC football game as head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. It hasn’t been a great year down in Fayetteville, and Bielema is searching for a way to right the ship and motivate his players.

One of the ideas being floated around is helmet stickers. Many programs give out stickers to players after positive performances — they can be earned by scoring touchdowns, making great blocks, intercepting a pass, or other similar feats. The idea is that players can proudly show off their accomplishments on their helmets each weekend.

After explaining that helmet stickers might come to Arkansas, Bielema was asked why he never brought the tradition to Wisconsin. His response was gold:

Both Purdue and Ohio State hand out helmet stickers in the Big Ten, but we have a feeling this was directed toward Columbus. Bret Bielema and Urban Meyer aren’t exactly best friends.


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