Brady Hoke Gives 4 OSU-UM Tickets To Young Fan Who Named His Cancer “Michigan” And Beat It

Two weeks ago, we told you about the story of Grant Reed, a young Buckeyes die-hard who recently beat cancer. The best part? He had named his cancer “Michigan.”

Michigan fans were extremely classy about this, and even the official Wolverines Twitter account tweeted its support for Reed. Today, Michigan head coach Brady Hoke continued the positive reaction — by giving Reed and his family four tickets to the Ohio State-Michigan game this year.

From NBC4i:

Monday, Hoke called Grant and his family at their Bellville, OH home with words of encouragement… and an offer.

Hoke offered the family four tickets to this year’s Ohio State-Michigan game.

Grant’s father, Troy, said his son did not hesitate to answer the coach. “He gave a very clear yes—he’s very excited.” Troy said.

Hoke did not say where the tickets will be in the stadium, but Troy says it’s no big deal. “Sad to say, in Michigan Stadium there’s no bad seat.”

This is a really nice gesture by Hoke, and once again, just a really classy move. However, it will be all business in Michigan Stadium that night.



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