Video: Ameer Abdullah Explaining His Decision To Return For His Senior Season Will Make Nebraska Fans Proud

The Nebraska Huskers YouTube account put out an awesome video today where star running back Ameer Abdullah explained his decision to return to Lincoln for his senior year. Abdullah has previously said in interviews that getting a degree was important to him, but in this video, Abdullah goes into more detail, explaining that if he jumped to the NFL before finishing his degree, it would have broken his family’s tradition of getting a college education. When he looked at it that way, Abdullah says, “the choice was made for me” and that “life is bigger than football.”

This video is incredibly well done, and it has to make Nebraska fans fired up that their school is represented by someone who epitomizes a “student-athlete.” We all know that Abdullah is a stud on the field, but it’s great to see that he takes academics more seriously than football.


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