Photo: Nebraska’s Stadium Expansion Is Nearly Complete

Back in 2011, Nebraska announced an expansion project for Memorial Stadium, priced at $63.5 million, to add 6,000 new seats to the venue. The East Stadium addition will feature a new grand lobby and a larger concourse. According to Expand Their Experience, it also includes a state of the art research facility.

The Nebraska Athletic Research Facility in the East Stadium is envisioned as using cutting-edge imaging technologies and research to better understand foundations of behavior that contribute to health, injury and disease from childhood obesity to college performance.

Now, thanks to the Nebraska Football Video Twitter account, we’ve got a photo from inside the stadium that shows the progress that’s been made – which appears to include newly-installed seats.

The project is scheduled to be completed before kickoff in 2013, so we’re assuming they’re getting close to finishing up the renovations. According to this video released by NU back in April, July 1st is the date the school is shooting for everything to come together.

For reference, here’s what the stadium looked like before the expansion:

East Stadium



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