Photo: Jack Hoffman, The 7-Year-Old Nebraska Fan Fighting Brain Cancer, Has NCAA ’14 Custom Cover

This still remains one of college football’s best current storylines — the story of Jack Hoffman, the seven-year-old brain cancer patient who the Cornhuskers have taken under their wing.

If you recall, he was the star of the Nebraska spring football game when he took a Taylor Martinez hand-off for a spectacular, heart-warming 69-yard touchdown run. He captured the hearts of college football fans everywhere, and it’s great to see people still appreciating his story.

Hoffman had a chance to meet with President Obama back in April, and Upper Deck even made him his own trading card. Now, he’s taking the video game world by storm.

The NCAA Football 2014 video game by EA Sports is set for release on July 17th, featuring Michigan’s Denard Robinson on the cover. Naturally, man fans create their own custom covers so they don’t have to look at a rival player on their favorite video game. Today, we came across an especially awesome cover with Jack Hoffman, tweeted out by The Sec Logo:

This is a spectacular gesture, and the original work was done by a man who goes by “KingJames88” in the OperationSports forum — huge props to you, sir, for an absolutely fantastic cover.


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