MSU’s Mark Dantonio Believes That If Spartans Win B1G Championship, They Should Play For The Title

All week, we’ve heard one debate about the BCS National Championship Game: should a one-loss SEC Champion get the nod over an undefeated Ohio State or Florida State for a chance to play for the national title?

There is no “correct” answer to the question, of course, and fans of all three teams have different answers. However, today we have heard another argument for a new team to make the national championship game if it should win this week: Michigan State.

Michigan State, with a win, would sport a 12-1 record, and would have just knocked off an undefeated powerhouse in Ohio State. The only loss for the Spartans occurred in the first month of the season to Notre Dame — the same week that Auburn lost to LSU, actually — but because of the timing of the loss, MSU has been playing “catch up” in the rankings all season.

Most people would argue that Dantonio is crazy to think that his team should play for the national title, but it brings up the age-old question: is the BCS National Championship Game about putting the strongest two teams on the field, or the most deserving? I don’t think many think that Michigan State is as strong as some of the other teams in the hunt, but if a number of teams are tied with one loss, Dantonio has a point: Why not Michigan State?


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