Here Is An Epic “You Will Be The Ones” Michigan State Hype Video

Michigan State has done it again, producing another fantastic hype video ahead of the Michigan game. The video’s message is simple: the current players need to continue on the Spartan legacy — they are playing for something greater than themselves:

Here’s the speech that was given:

“The routine is the same — you wake up early but you couldn’t be happier to get out of bed. You’re anxious, it’s game day. You’re gonna step out on that field later and play for your family, your fans, your school. But you’re also playing for something rooted in the past — it’s engraved on the walls and displayed in the limelight. You’re playing for the legacy.

The Spartans who fought before you, some far in the past, some in recent memory, they woke up the same way you did and stepped on the same field ready for battle. The ones in the pictures and the ones with the trophies didn’t achieve victory with skill or strength. They obtained it from the blood, sweat, and tears that they were willing to sacrifice. They gave their hearts for every play, and trusted that their brothers beside them would do the same.

So when you run out on the field, remember to play for those who came out of the tunnel before you. Play for those who kept on building the Spartan legacy, and do everything within your power to add to it.

Because this is your time. Leave your legacy and blood, sweat and tears. Chase victory and chase what will make you a legend. Play for every inch, for every name. Play to be the ones that are remembered.”

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