Michigan QB Devin Gardner Fires Back On “Hate Tweets” He’s Received

With Michigan’s solid 5-0 start all but a fading memory at this point, Wolverines fans are looking for answers as to why their team has been struggling since the start of Big Ten play. Michigan has dropped three of its past four games and has somehow rushed for -69 yards combined – a horrid statistic – in its last two losses. Naturally, fans are upset. But the way some are taking it out on quarterback Devin Gardner is a little ridiculous. 

Gardner has been receiving “hate tweets” – something we’ve seen before this year regarding Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees – since the team’s downfall. Here’s a sampling:

Today, Gardner decided to give a public response to his detractors. He also took a mini-shot at them.

Gardner certainly has the right attitude and mindset given his situation. It’s a shame that we keep seeing this happen, though.

All is not lost for the Wolverines this season – they still have a date with Ohio State in late November. Something tells me a victory might change a few of these hecklers’ minds.


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