Iowa Fans Are Trolling Derrell Johnson-Koulianos With The Hashtag #DJKBookChapters

Earlier today, former Iowa Hawkeye wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos went on a Twitter rampage about how he believes that his former coach, Kirk Ferentz, has helped prevent him from landing a job in the NFL. DJK plans to release a tell-all book on Iowa’s program in the near future, and from what we’ve already heard, it is going to be scathing. But it looks as if Iowa fans have had enough of his accusations.

Check out the trending hashtag #DJKBookChapters – they’re openly mocking the former Hawkeye star on Twitter tonight.

You have to hand it to them – they certainly are a creative bunch. We’ll find out if DJK’s accusations are a laughing matter soon enough.


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