Pat White Implies That Alabama Offered Him A Corvette, “Glad He Turned It Down To Become A Mountaineer”

On Tuesday, we posted an Instagram photo of Alabama running back Derrick Henry showing off a new red and black Dodge Charger, and the backlash that he received from people who refused to believe that he bought the car himself.

Well, count former West Virginia quarterback Pat White among those who are skeptical.

White shared Bleacher Report’s version of the Henry story on his personal Facebook page on Wednesday, along with a comment that implies that Alabama bought him a car, and that this is common practice in Tuscaloosa. He also states that he was offered a Corvette to play at ‘Bama. White is a native of Daphne, Alabama.



White started college in 2005, and Nick Saban didn’t take over at Alabama until 2007, so he wasn’t recruited by the current Tide staff, and there’s no real evidence of any violations. However, these are pretty big allegations for someone like White, who was a college star, to wantonly throw around on social media.



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