Video: Texas Coach Mack Brown Tells Band That The Longhorns Are Good, Will Win Saturday

Texas football coach Mack Brown appears very confident in his Longhorns this year. When addressing the student band earlier today, Brown was asked if the team was going to win this upcoming Saturday against New Mexico State. His response should give UT fans some confidence heading into the 2013 campaign:

When I’m asked, “How many do you think we win?’ What a dumb question, I say “13”. If I sent a message to you and our team and our fans that “oh, we’re going to win eight, and who’s here we’re going to lose to and how badly” – yes, we are going to win on Saturday.

I think I’m most excited because I think we’re good, and I’m ready for you all to reap the benefits and for our fans who have hung in there… I really think we have a chance in every game this year to win, and that’s what I want.

Here’s the video:

Sure, Brown is supposed to be positive around the marching band, but it’s clear from the video that believes in his Texas squad this year. Is this the season the Longhorns make it back to a BCS bowl game?


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