Texas Kicker Nick Rose’s Ridiculous Headshot Goes Viral

When college football players are lining up to take individual headshots for their biography pages on the team’s website, most usually decide to go with the “tough” look – they want fans to know that they’re seriously dedicated to the program. Texas kicker Nick Rose apparently had a different idea.

Rose’s headshot is anything but intimidating – as USA Today’s Paul Myerberg notes, it’s easily the most ridiculous we’ve seen so far this year.

If we’re being honest, Rose looks about as dazed and confused as it gets. And that hair – I’m not sure how it’s even possible to get it to stay like that.

Rose has had a bit of fun on Twitter with the whole thing since the photo started going viral. He claims he won’t cut it until the Longhorns lose.

But sadly, it doesn’t look like this photo will actually be used online for very long. According to Rose, the team will re-take pictures this week.

Will Rose bring back the surfer look? We hope so.


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