Nick Saban-To-Texas Rumors Squashed…For Now

Every once in a while, a random Twitter user makes a bold claim and sends the rest of the Internet on a wild goose chase. One of the major players in sports media then squashes the rumor, and the rest of us move on with our lives. It happened tonight, once again regarding the Nick Saban-to-Texas rumors. Well, we think that’s what happened, at least.

Mack Brown is still the head coach at Texas, the last time we checked. His Longhorns wrap up their season at Baylor this Saturday, and could be potentially playing the Bears for the Big 12 title, should Oklahoma find a way to knock off Oklahoma State. They’d never fire him after a conference championship? Right?

Then there’s this – which could be completely unrelated, or…not.

Hang on tight, Alabama fans.


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