OSU’s Ra’Shaad Samples Set A 40-Yard Dash Record, So Justin Gilbert Challenged Him To A Race


The buzz around Stillwater suggests the Oklahoma State Cowboys offense will function at a pace never seen before by OSU faithful. The 40-yard dash time of Ra’Shaad Samples supports this theory.

Samples was the prized recruit for coach Mike Gundy’s 2013 recruiting class. The wideout from Dallas, Texas arrived in Stillwater with a ton of hype. His speed has added to the hoopla.

As he posted on his Twitter account, Samples ran 40 yards in 4.32 seconds, a record for a freshman at OSU. A tweet by Clint Chelf confirmed Samples’ claim.  



Self-proclaimed fastest man on the team, Justin Gilbert, quickly rebutted with a tweet regarding the record Samples set. He stated OSU didn’t have freshmen run 40s when he entered the program.  


The two have supposedly raced since, although they’re leaving it up to the fans to guess who won…sort of.


It’s clear both have confidence in their straight line speed, but my money would be on Gilbert. His long strides and great acceleration have been on display for three years, so he gets the benefit of the doubt.

Hopefully we’ll get to see both utilize their speed on the field this year.


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