Mike Gundy On Sports Illustrated’s ‘The Dirty Game’: “I Think It Helped Us In Recruiting”

The Oklahoma State football program has received quite a bit of attention this season. Back in September, Sports Illustrated released a five-part expose on the Oklahoma State football program that promised to shed light on major problems within the program. The series of reports was heavily scrutinized at the time.

Of course, the report was forgotten once the season really got rolling, as the Cowboys have experienced great success — they are now up to 10th in the latest BCS standings. But on Monday, Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy was asked about the report, and particularly how it has affected recruiting recently. Oddly enough, Gundy said that more recruits have shown interest since the SI report: 

It’s funny how things work out sometimes — it seems that more exposure, good or bad, seems to help schools get on the map in the eyes of young players.


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