Report: Andrew Wiggins Saw Aaron Harrison’s Vine, “Didn’t Like It”


Andrew Wiggins’ commitment to Kansas today came as a shock to most of the country, despite the Jayhawks being one of the four finalists named during his recruitment. Many had pegged the two favorites to be Florida State, where his parents are alumni, and Kentucky, where literally half of the other top ten prospects had signed on to play.

But perhaps there was more to his decision than just a desire to play for KU coach Bill Self. Last Friday, one of those big-time UK commits, Aaron Harrison, posted a Vine (video) to his Twitter account. In the video, one of his friends in the backseat was heard saying “f*** Andrew Wiggins, we don’t need him”. The video was quickly deleted, but not before being widely circulated on social media. Harrison, to his credit, said he had no issues with Wiggins and that he wasn’t the voice in the video:

Fair enough. Maybe it was just a kid being a kid, not realizing the magnitude of what can happen on social media – something we’ve seen over and over again the past few years. Except for one little problem: it might have mattered.

Check out what Adam Himmelsbach, a journalist for the Louisville Courier-Journal, tweeted out this afternoon:

Could Harrison’s Vine have played a role here?

Only Andrew Wiggins knows when he made his decision, how he made it, what factors went into it, etc. Perhaps this was a non-issue, and his mind was already set on KU. But maybe it wasn’t. And while we may never know the answer, it has to be a troubling thought for Kentucky fans.


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