Joel Embiid Calls Himself A Better Recruiter Than John Calipari After LeBron James Signs With Cleveland

We’ve established through his attempts to recruit LeBron James to the Philadelphia 76ers that former Kansas center Joel Embiid is one of the funniest athletes on Twitter. Unfortunately for Embiid, his recruiting pitch didn’t work, and LeBron ended up going to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Of course, with Embiid’s sense of humor, he decided to use this as an opportunity to make a joke, this one at the expense of Kentucky head coach John Calipari. 

Embiid, operating under the assumption that Philly was the other team LeBron would have signed with if he left Miami, called himself a better recruiter than Calipari, who is widely viewed as the best recruiter in college basketball.

Embiid’s tweeted a few other hilarious things today — most notably taking a shot at rapper Drake, who is somewhat of a frontrunner — but his joke at Cal’s expense was the best of them all.


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