Former Kansas Star Joel Embiid Tweets Support For Ronaldo, Gets Harassed By Angry Americans



Americans are justifiably a bit sour after watching the US concede a game-tying goal against Portugal in the final minute of stoppage time Sunday night in the World Cup. But perhaps we can do a little better than what you’re about to see below.

Former Kansas star Joel Embiid, who was projected to be the first overall pick in next week’s NBA Draft before having foot surgery this past week, is apparently a fan of Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo – the same man who had the all-important assist for Portugal on the game’s final goal. When he tweeted his appreciation, he drew the ire of many heartbroken Americans. Sadly, many went too far.

What we’ve shown you below is just a portion of what’s out there – there are a number that are very NSFW – you can check them out on your own.

Between the pre-surgery selfie and now this, it’s been an interesting week for Embiid online. 


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