Colorado Is Only Giving Students Tickets For Men’s Game vs. Kansas If They Attend Women’s Game First

The trend of offering great incentives to fans who attend women’s college basketball games this year continues. So far this season, we’ve already seen Kansas State offer fans free bacon, and the Louisville women’s coach bought 2,500 beers for fans that attended the LSU game. The latest school to hop on this train is the University of Colorado, and the Buffaloes may have the most creative and demanding form of encouragement that we’ve seen to this point.

The hottest ticket in Boulder this season is a seat in the Coors Events Center on Saturday afternoon for the men’s game against the Kansas Jayhawks and their freshman stud Andrew Wiggins. The only way the students can get tickets to that game is if they first attend the women’s game against Iowa this Wednesday at 7:30 (Note: there are a few tickets available for those who can’t attend the Iowa game, but attending the game will guarantee a ticket). I imagine the Lady Buffaloes will be playing in front of quite the crowd against Iowa. 

It’s a pretty good move by Colorado’s athletics department to help increase attendance for at least one women’s game. The Lady Buffs will definitely appreciate the support.



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