CBS College Basketball Analyst Doug Gottlieb Tweets Controversial Take On Adrian Peterson’s Situation

CBS college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb is used to riling up fan bases with his often over-the-top analysis and criticism. His take on Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s situation seems to have hit a new level of controversy, however.

Peterson tragically lost a 2-year-old son this past Friday. The boy was allegedly beaten by Joseph Robert Patterson, the 27-year old boyfriend of the child’s mother, and died two days later from the injuries. Peterson, according to reports, had recently learned of the existence of the child, and met him for the first time in the hospital.

Peterson chose to both practice on Friday and play on Sunday. The decision was met with both praise and criticism by many. Gottlieb made it clear which side of the fence he is on:

It’s an interesting viewpoint, for sure, because he’s stating that while Peterson may have been his son’s biological father, he was not his “dad” – he thinks a dad would have stayed by his son’s side. It’s also a very controversial statement, given the sensitive nature of the topic.

What do you think? Should Peterson have stayed with his son, even though they’d never met, or does he have the right to grieve however he feels without scrutiny from the media?


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