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Gampel Pavilion will be the site of this season's showdown between UConn and Florida. (Photo by Tim Fontenault)
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There are a lot of great moments recently in UConn sports. (YouTube screenshot)
@TimTebow swayed Hernandez to Florida, but couldn't keep him out of trouble.
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Not to be confused with The Walking Dead, Dead Men Walking has become a popular term across UConn Country. Twitter/@AmoreCourant
Despite their new conference, UConn should continue to compete for national championships in several sports, especially basketball.
Anthony Marzi completed one of the best pitching performances in UConn history on Sunday | Twitter @UConnBaseball
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Will the national championship end up at Quinnipiac or will it go farther down Whitney Ave.?
This meme, which spread through UConn Country very quickly ahead of the women's national championship game, says it all for UConn fans.
UConn celebrates its eighth national championship outside New Orleans Arena.
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