Antone Exum Claims He’s The Best Corner In Draft, Justin Gilbert Doesn’t Know Who That Is

Players say the darndest things, and when you get a bunch of them together when they’re competing for draft position, you’ll get some good quotes. On Friday, we had AJ McCarron’s claim that he’s been disrespected because of his success, and today there was a funny exchange between two top defensive backs via the media.

Virginia Tech’s Antone Exum was a key player on a salty Hokie defense, but injuries have set him back a bit, and most projections have him going in the middle rounds of this year’s draft. Exum, who doesn’t seem to be too modest, isn’t too concerned with what the projections say:

Oklahoma State’s Justin Gilbert, who many consider the best cornerback in this class, was unimpressed by Exum’s statement. He also doesn’t seem to know who Exum is.

That’s rough. Luckily, Exum has the combine and a full career ahead of him to make a name for himself.


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