Video: Peyton Manning Throws Passes To Graduating UVA Seniors During Speech

Peyton Manning may be a vaunted Tennessee alumnus, but he does have some connection to the University of Virginia—his wife is a 1997 graduate of the school. Manning gave a very entertaining speech during UVA’s Valedictory Exercises today. He opened the speech talking about the experiences he had when he visited the school as an undergrad, including a quip about how he jokes with his wife Ashley that she only went to UVA “because she couldn’t get into Tennessee.”

One of his biggest disappointments, Manning said, is that he never had a chance to throw a football on the campus, so he calls up three graduating seniors to catch passes.

Afterwards, he discusses everything from his famous “United Way” SNL skit to being thrown to the wolves as a freshman at Tennessee in a game against UCLA at the Rose Bowl after the starting quarterback was injured.

Manning is an incredibly gifted speaker, and the full 20 minute video is well worth a watch if you have the time.


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