Which 16 Schools Have Produced The Most NBA Draft Picks In The 21st Century?



Every year at the NBA Draft, there are a handful of players taken who hail from schools that aren’t considered elite programs. But far more frequently, schools that have earned the title of “basketball factories” end up producing the majority of the draftees. This was evident during the 2014 draft, as schools like Duke, Kansas and Kentucky sent multiple players to the NBA, yet again.

This got us thinking: which schools have produced the most NBA draft picks in the 21st century? There are plenty of surprises among the 101 schools that have sent players to the pros — like Okaloosa-Walton Community College and Western Carolina — but when it comes to the programs that produce the most NBA players, odds are you won’t be shocked. But which program came out on top?

Here are the top 16 schools at producing NBA talent in the 21st century.

T-13) Ohio State: 10 Players


Unfortunately for Buckeyes fans, the player who everyone remembers getting drafted is Greg Oden, who went No. 1 in the 2007 draft ahead of Kevin Durant. There have been some really good Buckeyes selected, though, as Mike Conley (No. 4, 2007) has turned himself into one of the most underrated players in the NBA, while Daequan Cook (No. 21, 2007), Byron Mullins (No. 24, 2009) and Evan Turner (No. 2, 2010) have all had careers ranging from “serviceable” to “solid.”

T-13) Stanford: 10 Players


The Cardinal had two players selected in the 2014 draft: Josh Huestis, who was selected with the 29th pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Dwight Powell, who the Charlotte Hornets picked 45th. Nobody on Stanford has really had a great pro career, although Brook Lopez and Robin Lopez (No. 10 and 15 in 2008, respectively) have been nice pros – especially Brook, when he’s healthy. Outside of those two, most Cardinal players have been unspectacular pros, like Jason Collins (No. 18, 2001), Josh Childress (No. 6, 2004) and Landry Fields (No. 39, 2010).

T-13) Washington: 10 Players


If you built a team of players based on their alma maters, Washington’s squad would probably be the most entertaining. It has produced guys like Nate Robinson (No. 21, 2005), Spencer Hawes (No. 10, 2007), Isaiah Thomas (No. 60, 2011), Terrence Ross (No. 8, 2012), Tony Wroten (No. 25, 2012), and perhaps the best of the bunch, Brandon Roy (No. 6, 2006). Sure, that team would probably allow 120 points per game, but it could score on anyone and play at a million miles per hour.

T-13) Maryland: 10 Players


The Terrapins have produced plenty of players over the last 14 years, but the results on the court have been mixed. Maryland’s two highest selections have been Chris Wilcox (No. 8, 2002) and Alex Len (No. 5, 2013), and neither have had great pro careers, although Len’s has barely even started. Its two best players since the turn of the century are probably Steve Blake (No. 38, 2003) and Greivis Vasquez (No. 28, 2010).

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