Syracuse Coach Scott Shafer Is Getting Blasted On Twitter After Insensitive Tweets About Atlanta

Syracuse coach Scott Shafer is getting absolutely annihilated on Twitter Wednesday afternoon after tweeting out a set of insensitive remarks about Atlanta’s handling of the recent snowstorm, which left thousands of motorists stranded in their cars overnight and students sleeping on cold gym floors. Many are also citing rumored fatalities from the events, but those have yet to be confirmed.

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Shafer, whose current hometown is snow-covered for nearly half of the year, thought it’d be a good idea to poke fun at how southerners were handling the situation. It backfired, big time.

While some of the people tweeting at him are a bit ignorant about how bad SU’s program really is (the Orange has won bowl games in three of the past four years), it’s hard to argue against that 56-0 whooping that Georgia Tech put on them.

Shafer has since deleted his tweets, but you can find them here. It’s a safe bet that we’ll see an apology very, very soon.


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