New York Rock Station’s Billboard Features Jim Boeheim Ripping Off His Jacket During Duke Game

Fortunately, the Jim-Boeheim-trying-to-rip-off-his-jacket memes that sprouted up after the Syracuse vs Duke game this past February have subsided in the months since the affair. Well – at least until this week. A K-Rock radio station affiliate in central New York has decided to use the image of Boeheim as part of its marketing campaign. The station holds a big annual event (this is the 19th year) called the “K-Rockathon” at the New York State Fairgrounds. 

As you can see, they’ve put up a billboard on 690-West in Syracuse. We checked with the advertising company – it is, in fact, real.

There is no word on whether Boeheim himself will attend the festivities. If so, he probably won’t have to pay for a thing all day.


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